Tantric Massage<br /><em>$200 / 1hr</em>

Tantric Massage
$200 / 1hr

Mutual Massage <br /><em>$300 / 1hr</em>

Mutual Massage
$300 / 1hr

Prostate Massage<br /><em>$200 / 1hr</em>

Prostate Massage
$200 / 1hr

4 hands massage<br /><em>$400+ / 1hr</em>

4 hands massage
$400+ / 1hr

Sensual massage<br /><em>$200 / 1hr</em>

Sensual massage
$200 / 1hr

WELCOME to the Fascinating World of Gold tantric Massage Singapore

@Sensual massasge! Explore your sensuality while practicing the art of receiving pleasure without the need to give in return. Relax – and let your tensions go with a delightful skin on skin full body massage. Our Sensual Tantric/Tantra Massage session allows you to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be accustomed to.

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Tantric massage Singapore

A heavenly experience

Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most happening tourist spots when it comes to a visit to the far east. Along with a lovely atmosphere and heaps of places you can visit with family and friends, Singapore is also known for its various burgeoning health and wellness industry. People from far and wide come to Singapore to try out the various massage therapies that are offered by a number of massage parlours in the land of Singapore. Word of mouth publicity has even convinced westerners that the best massage therapists are available here. If you are in Singapore or plan to visit soon, you must try out the various massage therapies out there, but the one that is strongly recommended is tantric massage Singapore. There are some misconceptions about Tantric massage and people think that it is just another sensual massage. Tantric massage is actually derived from the Indian word Tantra a tradition that is more than 5000 years old. The origin of tantra In Sanskrit, an ancient language of the Hindus, Tantra stands for weaving or expansion, to be more specific. Thus Tantric pathway which was coined by highly accomplished sages advocated a positive pathway a way of life that included or weaved in all the best elements of nature to keep one’s spiritual self awakened. In Tantra Shiva and Shakti are worshipped in unison. Shiva stands for the omnipotent power of giving life while Shakti is the strength of the force that can bear life within itself. When Shiva and Shakti come together, it is considered a holy union that is responsible for all creation and maintaining balance. Massage therapists in Singapore are well trained in this ancient form of healing. When you opt for Tantric massage Singapore, you are actually doing yourself a favor, for you will have a unique chance of spiritual awakening. Tantric massage is a kind of massage therapy that awakens the kundalini the deep seat of energy that is seated right at the bottom of your spinal cord. The aim of Tantric massage Singapore is to awaken this very kundalini. When the kundalini is aroused, it in turns restores the balance of all the seven chakras or wheels of energy that are present in the human body. When the balance in these chakras are restored, your body regains its power to heal itself. Kiss goodbye to physical and emotional pain With the help of Tantric massage you will not only be able to overcome any kind of physical pain that has been ailing you for the longest time, it works wonders for those who are going through emotional stress of any kind. Do not be surprised if during the course of tantric massage Singapore session you find your deep seated emotions coming to the fore! You may or may not have a sexual release, but that is completely a by product. At the end of your massage session you will find that all the emotional baggage that you were carrying around has somehow vanished and you will feel like a free bird again! However do remember that tantric massage is a very sacred act and should not be reduced to just another sensual massage or some kind of erotic gratification. It is an act that is considered sacred and holy even to this date and demands that both the giver and the receiver of this massage have the highest regard for each other. If you have any expectations or reservations about tantric massage Singapore, it is best to meet your therapist a bit in advance of your appointment and have a frank discussion with him or her about what your expectations are of the massage. However make sure that you are not disrespectful towards your therapist, for when she agrees to give you a tantric massage, it is a humungous effort on her part to for she has to awaken and invoke the lofty power of healing that she will use while carrying out the massage on you. So she does deserve all the respect from you. It is not for nothing that tantric massage Singapore is getting s popular these days. You ca either choose to visit the numerous parlours, salons and spas across town or request from and outcall service, where the therapist will give you a tantric massage Singapore, in the privacy of your hotel room. Once you have experienced tantric massage Singapore, you will indeed feel like you have attaned nirvana, even though it may last a short time!