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February 20, 2017
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Tantra Dublin

Sumptuously Luxurious Relaxation

Tantric massage is incredibly sensual and deeply erotic in its nature. Rare treatment or entertainment is comparable with it in terms of sensory opulence and epicurean indulgence. But is tantric massage and sensual massage are one and the same? Though the terms “tantric massage” and “erotic massage” are often used interchangeably and not without the reason, there are differences to be pointed out.

Erotic massage vs Tantric massage

As we pointed out above, tantric massage has explicit erotic element to it and it is very sensual in its nature. However it is not all. Simple senual massage Dublin only uses obvious means of erotic arousal that ends up in a logical sexual release. It can be very entertaining and deliver lots of pleasurable sensations to a person experiencing it.

But this is not exactly tantric massage. For tantric is really so much more than that! Tantra is an ancient philosophy that pays a lot of attention to the role of sexuality in human lives and in the process of personal growth and development. Through the centuries of elaborate practice, trial and error as well as fortunate breakthroughs the adepts of tantra have built up massive range of techniques that allow to use sexual energy in human beings not only for the obvious purposes of enjoyment and indulgence, but also for healing, harmonizing and well-being. Skillfully used and carefully directed, sexual energy can produce miracles in virtually any sphere of life and reward a practitioner with creative inspiration, strong health and worldly success.

This energy is called Shakti-Kundalini and it dwells in every person in a dormant or more awakened state. It is the life-giving and life-sustaining power which permeates not only our bodies, but the whole world outside as well, from galaxies to sub-atomic particles. It is abundant and limitless. Tapping into this rich source of universal power can unlock the toughest locks and open the toughest doors, as if miraculously setting up the right circumstances, bringing in the right people, hinting about the right solutions…

And while sensual massage Dublin therapists are more often than not absolutely clueless as what they are working with, tantric practitioners use his or her skills to find blockages or misalignments in the energy flow and seek the ways to normalize its circulation. This is achieved not only by massage movements, but also by special visualizations and breathing. The client’s engagement is necessary for the successful accomplishment of the therapist’s work in this case, but of course not just everybody is willing to go that far.

Very reasonably and understandably many men and women are looking for deep relaxation and sexual reward after a stressful day, a long flight or just for an entertainment. In this case erotic massage performed by naked sensual therapist will do the job. In fact, most tantric massage agencies in Dublin offer just that – a plain tantric massage framed into mysteriously sounding exotic paradigm.

And while there is nothing wrong with entertaining yourself with luxurious sensual massage Dublin , as a client, or a prospective client you must be aware of the distinctions between real tantric massage and simple sensual massage.

How far are you willing to go? The choice is yours and we wish you to have a great sensual massage experience!

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